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Japan Media Art Festival
Tokyo february 24th to march 6th, 2005


By decreeing us this year his Grand Prize, Art section, the Japan Media Art Festival offered to us one of the most beautiful moments of our lives. An impressive and impeccable organization, enthralling meetings and the discovery of Japan as well contemporary as more traditional in Kyoto made these two weeks an intense and unforgettable experiment .

3minutes² found in Tokyo a new public and entered into the japanese landscape.
On our side, our discovery of Japan strongly marked us and it would not be surprising to find in our productions to come new inspirations.

We thank again very highly the Festival, all its team and its Jury to have made us this immense honor. For us, there will be a"before" and an "after"...

Images captions - click on images to see larger versions
- Poster of Japan Media Art Festival in the subway at Shibuya
- Partial view of the exhibition at the Tokyo Contemporary Museum of photography
- ceremony of awards (thank you in Eriko for the picture!)

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