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The Japan Media Art Festival took place in
Tokyo from February 24th to march 6th. This festival grows every year: 1483 submissions, including more than 800 in Art section , a prestigious and respected jury, works of a very great quality and more than 46000 visitors in ten days.

We were received sumptuously by
Japan with this Grand Prize and we are, at the same time, very honoured and very proud. We come back to Paris filled with energy and inspiration.

Spring already seems to be a very active season, with several exhibitions in
France and Europe and new long-term projects.

Very good spring to all the readers of this letter !
Best regards,

Naziha MESTAOUI et Yacine AIT KACI

Electronic Shadow













Bordeaux (FR)
March 22th to April 1st

Trophy Laval Virtual 2004 Art and Culture
recommanded work Japan Media Art Festival 2005





Milano, salone, Boffi show-room, via Solferino (IT)
April 13rd to 18th

For his 70th anniversary, Boffi invites
Electronic Shadow in his main show-room, durong the international design Fair.





München, ZKMax (DE)

From June... More informations later

Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention 2004, interactive Art
Grand Prize
Japan Media Art Festival 2005, Art








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