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Double Vision |
Carolyn Carlson & Electronic Shadow
Sao Paulo, Brasil | CESC | September 5 & 6, 2009
Milano, Italia | Theatro Strehler | october 2 to 4, 2009
Helsinki, Finland | Alexander Theater | october 23 & 24, 2009
Enghien les Bains, France | Centre des Arts| December 12, 2009

3 yeas after its creation and many representations, Double Vision continues the international tour
in Brasil, Italia, Finland and France.



| <<rinôçérôse>> & Electronic Shadow

After a successful estival tour in some of the most important european festival, like Benicassim (30 000 people), Futurinô comes back to Concert halls in a little more intimist version, as energic as the big one...
The whole schedule on our website...

Windows Experience by Electronic Shadow | Microsoft new headquarters
| permanent installation
EOS Building, Issy les Moulineaux

Under construction for months, the new building of Microsoft to unveil to the public soon 
with a permanent interactive installation of Electronic Shadow in its lobby that will evolve over time. 

Windows Experience will use years of development of ES in his stage designs, 
installations and performances assembled in his reality hybrid tool to propose a complete architectural solution 
transforming a space or building in a global media, including image, light, network 
and any other real or virtual device. 

Windows Experience V1.0 incorporate a simple first interaction with the Microsoft Surface table. 
To be Continued ... 

| New Space, rue de Sévigné, Paris

At the invitation of Armand Hadida, founder and leader of l'Eclaireur, Electronic Shadow 
invests a permanent space in the new location designed by Arne Quinze in the "Marais"... 

Opening in September and info very soon ...

Ex-îles | Chateau des Ducs de bretagne |
La mer pour mémoire
Nantes | September 1st to 27, 2009
with "Scopitone" festival

>>Online interaction

SUPERFLUIDITY | Scopitone | Nantes

Superfluidity is an interactive online installation that allows 
create vocalisation shared in real time with all other online users. 
It is a quantum state of matter that serves as a metaphor to use this network. 
Have fun sharing vibration, time, space and sound... 



FRAC Centre | Orléans | official Opening of the building site of Frac
Journées du Patrimoine | 19 septembre 2009

Press conference on the project Frac Center / Acquisition of Ex-Isles. 


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