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Invited by Cassina, Electronic Shadow proposes, until January 24th 2005, a new interactive animated lightning system, which modifies totally the ambient of the space, changing regularly from warm to cold.

In the entrance space, a tactile screen shows the literal heart of the space. A transparent membrane in movement reflects the ambient of the space on a background which corresponds to it: snow, smoke, ice, fire... by touching the screen, the heart transforms itself, changing in the same time the whole space's light ambient. The lighting of the space becomes an extension of the image which reflects it.

This project completes our research about the hybridization between space and image, by introducing a new approach of house automation for a complete mastering of the physical space.













Paris until January 24th, 2005

"Warm and cold" - interactive lightning scenography
Show Room Cassina
236 Bd St Germain 75006 PARIS











Exhibited at the Fiac 2004 and Paris Photo 2004
Giorgio Armani sense space

Electronic Shadow creates, in partnership with the agency 109, a multi-sensorial space for Giorgio Armani, between, space, images, sounds and fragrance.











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