Electronic Shadow's First anniversary

Electronic Shadow was founded last summer in Paris.
What and who is exactly Electronic Shadow ?
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Centre Culturel Français de Palerme et de Sicile

keywords: hybrid architecture (real / virtual) - design - graphic design
Electronic Shadow is based in Palermo since April to think and design the new french cultural center. The idea is to conceive an hybrid space between a real architecture and a space-based media architecture on the internet.

The project includes the global design, as well as the design of several specific furnitures, lighting design, physical interfaces design, global visual identity, the real-time 3D architecture and the website design.

Opening: October 2001 for the real space / April 2002 for the virtual space.
more informations to come



Virtual Mediterranea 2.0: Palermo/ Helsinki

keywords: interactive installation - hybrid space between Palermo and Helsinki
9 months after the first exhibition of "V-Med" in Palermo, Electronic Shadow presents the new version of his interactive installation building a virtual sea of memory between two geographically opposed cities: Palermo and Helsinki.

The visitors will interact with the same real-time 3D space running on a web server, seeing each other trought webcams. The subject is the constitution of a collective memory built with video fragments of each city.

Opening: October 15th to 23th. French cultural centers of Helsinki and Palermo.
Website to come... you'll be informed.
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