BELGACOM OPEN / short cuts

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logo-pav.GIF (314 bytes)  the V.I.P. pavilion

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 Belgacom, scenography for the golf open 1999

Proposition for the scenography of the ‘ Belgacom Open 1999 ‘. The project ‘short cuts ‘ works out a global communication concept in order to integrate new communication technologies into a sport event.

The project is based on the interrelation between technology, nature and sport and in this manner integrates the idea of golf as a play of displacement.

The implication of technology throughout the spatial organisation of the event forms 3 circuits: The VIP Lounge ( 15.min), the follies (60 min.), the golf court (180 min.)

The circuits which get compressed in time the more technology is involved, turns

into ‘shortcuts’. In order to turn this relationship between space _time and technology tangible to a large public the circuits are indicated with a phosphorescent

colour applied: the outer membrane of the V.I.P.pavilion, the 5 kites, the sticks limiting the greens, and the visitor ticket. This device between colour in daytime and light in the evening exploits communication in a large scale.

The creation of a web site based on the same thematic organisation articulates the scenography, the event and the public even throughout the event.

© Naziha Mestaoui + LAB[au] 1999