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ARISTOTELOUS AXIS, redesign of the civic axis


The project focuses on the reshaping of the city's most important public open space in the city and constitutes the geographical, structural and monumental centre of the city aristaxis_copy.jpg (14239 bytes)


aristaxis1.jpg (39291 bytes)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1st Price P. Nikiforidis – B. Cuomo – P. Tarani – M. Balodimou



aristaxis2.jpg (22426 bytes)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2nd Price Z. Petkovic – K. Damjanovic – M. Maksimovic – I. Subanovic – G. Maric



aristaxis3 copy.jpg (26003 bytes)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3rd Price A. Tzanou Baud-Bovy – M. Baud-Bovy – C. Maurice – F. Maurice


planche_1 copy.jpg (27123 bytes)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4th Price M. Abendroth - N. Mestaoui - S. Peichler


aristaxis4 copy.jpg (29385 bytes)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------N. Kalogirou



aristaxis5.jpg (27613 bytes)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------U. Hannen – N. Bredella


More details in the publication " Restructuring the city - International urban design competitions for Thessaloniki"

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