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Sea-city place

The place suspends temporary its activity while being filled with water at the tides rhythm, extending temporary the sea into the city. This ‘negative’ pier is a programmatic hybrid, alternating between the function of a pier and a place, permitting a series of programmatic combinations. The place finds, with its geometry, smooth connections within its environment and becomes a place in continuity with the urban space. The system exacerbates the symbolic value of the place, as a reflected image, as well as the endless event. This changing environment allows for ephemera use, at the tide rhythm as an animated landscape.

The S-pleat takes here the form of floating wharf, moving alternately away from the coast, according to the sea movement, offering another contact with it. The place becomes an infrastructural knot, integrating an enormous park and drive under a long quay, linking the two waterbus stations. This intervention gives a correspondence between the Sea-city place, and a series of metropolitan stakes questioning Thessaloniki’s image. It is an articulation between the two main development axis and acquires an important value, as a negative pier connecting the urban waterfront with the civic axis.

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