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spleat copy.jpg (16260 bytes) S-PLEAT,

a 30m large programmatic binding running through the whole length of the axis, implants a flexible ‘plug and play’ structure, adapted to the diversity of the axis.

The band rolled out like an artificial carpet combines the fix coordinates - circulation, with ephemera installations.

1-cyber centre


3-event tiers

4-digging odservatory

5-memorial strip

6-art gallery

7-sea world

8-sea view

9-floating piers


The S-pleat is a 30m wide programmatic binding composed of three parallel bands, which are running through the whole length of the axis. They combine the fix coordinates of circulation with ephemera programmatic installations. The two laterals bands, each 6m wide, are destined to continuous circulation throughout the fragmented space of the axis, providing an uninterrupted and smooth pedestrian flow.

They form the only continuous elements throughout the new topology of the folded space of the axis, by offering multitude of accesses to the different entities. Each strip follows its own path in aim to articulate the idea of independent ‘urban plates’ with the idea of continuity, linking the independent fragments throughout the vector of displacement. These bands remain mostly the organisation form of the axis within which the other multilinear and textured systems are grafted. The bands form a continuous system interwoven throughout the urban factory combining the idea of textured multilinear space with the linear and hierarchy form of the axis.


Morris Lapidus- Lincoln Road ShoppingMall

The 18m large central band of the s-pleat is conceived as a band compiled throughout independent programmatic requirements. The band is rolled out through the urban factory like a colourful artificial carpet combining heterogeneous and temporal programmatic entities with the existing space of the axis. Only a few fixed interventions like 1-cyber centre, 2-cascade, 3-event tiers, 4-digging observatory, 5-memorial strip, 6-art gallery, 7-sea world, 8-sea view, 9-floating piers have been projected onto the middle band, in aim to start to invade this area. The locations of the different interventions follow the strategy of the ‘programmatic layering’ destined to a multitude of temporal interventions, it is a bend of informal activity. This kind of pre-programming deals more with the stimulation of activities, rather than to establish fixed functions. The central zone of the s-pleat is a support of activity sequences extending this notion to communication, information, leisure…