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                                                                                                                            Sport pergola - animation

Live excavating park

The park is a transversal system, linked to the surrounding social housing and integrating an important free space within the dense city center. Its fluid linkage at one extremity to the sport pergola, assembling tennis courts, basket ball fields, football pitches… and an excavation panorama at the other extremity, constituted of terracing an terraces, built up a continuous surface within it’s context.

The underground of the park is known to contain a series of important ruins that the project attempts to integrate within the constitution of a public space. The conception of this plate exploits the paralysis of a blocked situation, by transforming the historicist vision of the city into a permanent play. The archeological interest is not seen as a seizure on this place, but is turned into the main vector of event. The concept of a park, bent throughout the shut off area of excavation, links archeology, citizen and tourist interests, where the action of digging to discover monuments turns this public space into a permanent live show. This thematic park is based on a flexible system allowing interchangeability of its constituting elements; trees, shrubs… are planted into movable vats, displaced according to the archaeological activity and discovery. In consequence the park configuration can evolve according to the action of digging to discover ruins. The park is equipped with a series of interfaces diffusing information about the evolution of the excavations. The shut off areas are only partially distributed through this public space, protecting the excavation zones, but permitting a continuous free circulation through the rest of the park.

A series of extern systems are superimposed to the space of the Live excavating park; the S-pleat cross it with two footbridges that are overhung, integrating an information platform. They directly connect the park to the main circulation of the axis.

The changing landscape of the park is merged into a light field (XL-pleat), overexposing the urban space. The excavation becomes an event, giving to the congested park an instable aspect. Time is integrated as an active parameter and transposes the frozen vision of urbanity into a dynamic, animated mass able to be activated, transformed, shortened...