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waterfront01.jpg (34202 bytes) " Our project concentrate on smoothing the demarcation between land and water, synchronising the edge. Flexibility, ambiguity, fusion, mutual permeation.

The concept of the " Archipelagos " dismantles, defuses and diversifies the attempt to think and plan in polar opposites. Instead it suggests a versatile networking society where it is neither a single nor a centre and districts that constitute the entity.

(Strategy). The concept of the proposal does not follow the rules of conventional urban planning. It questions the relation between city and nature, and suggests an ecological relation as a system where no zoning for land use exists. The demarcation of sea and land is fused. Various zones of flexible surfaces –shifting in sequential phases from sea to land- create a new form of physiognomy like a following landscape. Our proposal does not create the destruction of any legacy of the past. In recognition of past and present, it adds a new physiognomy as a layer on the city’s history. In between two layers, where the old and the new are superimposed, it might cast an image of a city that we hope will yield a new form of urbanism. "           Toyo Ito

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