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a140m wide programmatic wedge undulating across the very center of the axis, reinforces the central role of the urban factory. This system finds different degees of materiality during its folding through this space. It mostly question the status of centrality as well as the role of historical traces, which are fully integrated within the new system, provoking extreme confrontations. The multitude of historical layers gives the opportunity to rethink this space as a 4 – dimensional place for event, where the different time layers are fused.

The XL-pleat is contained between two screens, projecting different virtualities


1-Agora 2000, the superposition of the 140000mē light structure platform culminating in a screen reactivates the ancient agora into a two store high cultural machine, where the Greek decor constantly fuses with the unstable projected virtualities. A totally mediated space, where the urban actor slips from the Hellenistic ambiance to the Olympic game 2004 or into the world of Los Angeles 2019. ’Agora’ 2000 has turned into a nervous space - a playground of time and space, exploiting technology to intensify interactivity and communication.

2-The light field , a grid of 112 blue light superimposed to the live excavating park activates this space and gives it a stong image of immateriality. They create with the light screen new sequences within the axis, overexposing the urban landscape to reestablish the public status of space as a support of information.

3-light screen