Japan Media Art Festival 2005 
recommended work in the Art category

Trophée Laval Virtual 2005
Architecture, Art et Culture

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Exhibition FILE Aug 2006

Aix en Provence,Personal exhibition
at the Vasarely FoundationSept-Dec 2005

Paris, Designer's Days
Boffi's space- June 2004

Milan, Boffis 70th an
April 2005

Tokyo, HAdeux showroom
opening in May 2005


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An interactive hybrid environment for a narrative stage

Electronic Shadow focuses his work in the hybridising of space and image to create new kinds of environments where technology is totally integrated for new social and cultural usages.  Last year, Electronic Shadow presented his first space representing those concepts in a non-interactive piece, 3minutes², that received Ars Electronica Honorary Mention and this year’s Grand Prize of Japan Media Art Festival. A few months later was created H2o, a totally interactive hybrid environment where image and space are totally merged and propose a new kind of storytelling sensorial experience, using also a specific fragrance and an interactive music partition.
H2o was exhibited in Paris in June 2004 and in Milano in April 2005 in major design events in the Boffi show rooms. Through the design angle, H2o was also a proposal about new ways of imagine the interior design, totally transformed with image. One of our goals is to propose this kind of conceptions into public such as private spaces.

Technically, the image is in an interactive real time 3D environment that perfectly fits the real space, so the real space belongs to a virtual stage that can interact with real audience. The space is made up of a 5m long pool filled with water, a series of walls including one large mirror and several elements of furniture. All those elements are animated and transformed permanently by image. In this half real, half virtual stage,  the lightning silhouette of a woman, who lives in this space and transforms it by its gesture. The space becomes different sets around this luminous water, from architectural environments to natural contexts: a bathroom, a beach, a swimming pool, a terrace on the sea, etc...

The narrative content of H2o is a reference to the argentine novelist Alfredo Bioy Casares and his “Morel’s invention” where a character tried to embed himself into illusions of other characters, dead for years but whom images made still visible into an endless loop, through this famous illusion. This is a major text that represents a kind of ultimate reference in this theme of mixing reality with illusion. H2o is not a literal adaptation of this text; it’s more a silent reference.
In this stage two characters are acting, a woman and a man, who is visible only by the very simple interaction of the public, by staying on an interactive ground surface, living into the same space but with very few interactions with each others. The woman lives the same loop, alone or with the second character that is like a second layer that doesn’t disturb the first but gives the illusion of a couple.

The story continues in an endless loop but depending on the interaction, gives a quasi infinity of patterns and ways of perception. If we add the fact that the position of the viewer transforms also his entire perception, H2o becomes like a living stage and a hybrid new kind of expression. H2O pushes a little further the borders of the fusion between space and the image.


Conception, réalisation : Electronic Shadow
Production: iDEALiD / Boffi

Création sonore :
Stéphan Haeri

Remerciements :
Anna Bernagozzi

Anne Dallançon
Bertrand Duchaufour

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"En faisant appel à deux jeunes artistes osant une installation incroyable et éphémère mariant l'eau, la vidéo, le son et les senteurs ; BoffiBains innove et nous surprend. Une rencontre coup de coeur avec Electronic Shadow ou des créateurs déconcertants. "


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