Trophée Laval Virtual 2004
Art and Culture
Japan Media Art Festival
recommanded work Art section
official selection

Biennale d'Art contemporain de Sevillel
Séville, Espagne
du 2 octobre 2008 au 11 Janvier 2009

Digital Art Museum

Bourges, Transpalettes
Exposition Personnelle
du 12 avril au 7 Juin 2008

Cathédrale Notre Dame d'Amiens

En octobre 2007

January 200
New York, Art Galery Parker's Box
exhibition "the troubled Waters of permeability"

from 11 till 25 Nov 2006
Art ans Science Exhibition and Symposium
Beijing - China

from 29 Sept till 31 dec 2005

Fondation Vasarely

22 March till 1rst april 2005
Carré des Jalles, St-Médard en Jalles

from 24 Sept till 1rst Nov 2004
Espace Saint-Louis, Bar-Le-Duc
Festival "Coup de Foudre"

First exhibition / Creation
from 21 Nov 2003 till 7 March 2004
at the Espace Electra, PARIS
in the exhibition "Voyages d'Artistes"

Interactive Installation | Hybrid space

The only real frontier of any island is the sea around, the same fluid that may virtually link to any other island or continent. The links are not necessarily visible but they exist in the hart and imagination of people, a virtual ground between here and the other side. Imaginary bridges transform the islands into ex-isles, travelling without start and without arrival, a permanent journey in a new shared environment.

Ex-isles is an interactive installation composed by a 5 by 2 meters and 20cm high pool filled with luminous water and a numerical extension on the internet. The superposition of physical water, set in movement by a water pump, and projected interactive images of water as well as the mix of the sound created by the real water and the event sounds resulting from the interaction create a new type of material which is physical and tangible but also immaterial and “magic”. The interaction with the device is possible from the physical space of the exhibition as well as from the web site.

Two light islands are situated at each side of the pool, one of them is on the ground and represents the “real”, the other in the water is a “virtual” one.
When a visitor enters in the light of the island representing the physical space, he produces a natural shadow which is projected in the water as a luminous shadow crossing the pool by swimming. This silhouette leaves a trace, a line drawn from one island to the other. The line drawn by the presence of a visitor corresponds to the trajectory taken by the luminous shadow in the water.

In the exhibition space, a webcam broadcasts the pool and the two islands. On the website, internet visitors have the possibility to project themselves in the water of the installation and leave their trace going from the virtual island situated in the water to the real island. The links are created thus between the physical visitors of the exibition space and the net surfers who can interact from anywhere in the world. The different lines create a kind of bridge between the two islands, transforming them into ex-isles. All links drawn during the entire exhibition build a new form, the memory of this interaction between the exhibition visitors and the internet visitors, building together the foundation of a new non-geographical and imaginary territory.

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Thanks :

Marie-Ange Brayer
Peter Weibel
Christophe Le Gac

Sylvain BARON
Nicolas HOGNON

For the exhibition Voyages d'Artistes
Jean-Louis Pradel
Benoit Franqueville
la Fondation EDF Electra

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