Scenography accompanying the project " Echarpe communicante "

The communication clothing is an interface acting as a link to the virtual world of modern communication, internet, mobile phone, and other satellite networks.

The presentation of this project into an exhibition space necessitates the fact that the visitor understands at the same time the visible object, the clothing and its working and its invisible relationship with the communication modes.
This is why we imagined a specific scenography to put in scene the duality of this clothing to link it to the more realistic and objective vision, but also to make visible the complexes connections with numerical virtuality.

The space is divides in two parts, one representing the tangible reality, and the other one rendering visible the virtual reality. A glass divides these two parts. The Clothing worn by a mannequin faces the public.
A few meters behind, the glass is used as a projection surface to the video representing the virtual world, the imaged communication, the implication of the clothing as an interface between the daily reality and the numerical virtual world. The projected image will then work as a kind of virtual shadow of the clothing, the two objects face each other, the one in its materiality, allowing a direct identification, the other one that is immaterial will be subject to multiple transformations.

The visitor will move into this space to perceive its different facets and to nourish his vision of one of the aspect with the other and vice et versa.
This scenography puts in space the invisible space created by the project of communication clothing and its numerous possibilities and retranscripts the working sphere it contains virtually.

Naziha Mestaoui et Yacine At Kaci

l'Echarpe en 3D interactive / 3DModel of the Scarf
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