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The " écharpe communicante " project was born out of the collaboration between France Telecom R&D, the research and development center of the second largest telecommunications company in Europe, with architect Naziha Mestaoui, graphic designer Yacine Aït Kaci, and fashion designer Crtsof.

The project, a communicating telephone jacket and scarf, is conceived as a " second skin for communication " through various interfaces which facilitate the extension of the senses into the virtual realm (Watch, Listen, Speak, Touch), allowing the wearer be at once here and potentially " everywhere ".

The " écharpe communicante " is a suit jacket with a long, detachable and interchangeable collar draped around the neck, equipped with built-in, communicating multimedia interfaces. The collar, available in varying colors and materials, can therefore be worn independently, like a scarf.
The originality of this concept also lies in the gesture necessary to operate the multiple built-in functions. It is a simple movement, inspired by those that people make unconsciously on daily basis in wearing their clothing and accessories, such as turning up a jacket collar, wrapping a scarf around the neck or looking at a watch.
The act of turning up the collar of the jacket opens up a telecommunications channel and brings the receiver closer to the wearer's ear. By wrapping the collar around the neck and face like a scarf, the speaker comes to rest in front of the mouth and a barrier is created, isolating the wearer from the outside world. Inserting the arm into the other part of the collar, as if through a large bracelet, allows the wearer to access a computer and its touch screen - as easy as looking at a watch.

This series of movement creates a virtual sphere that isolate the wearer from his/her physical environment whose configuration change with the wearer's activities.

The " écharpe communicante " is a project by the France Telecom R&D studio Créatif, Naziha Mestaoui, Yacine Aït Kaci and Crstof, with the active support of France Telecom North America.

l'Echarpe en 3D interactive / 3DModel of the Scarf
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