© Electronic Shadow 2001
© Electronic Shadow 2001
© Electronic Shadow 2001
© Electronic Shadow 2001
Electronic Shadow 2001

Palimpseste 3D Navigator proposes for its first use to navigate into the website www.electronicshadow.com. A choice was made to classify the site's information into different categories: projects, creation fields, themes, chronology and locations.

Palimpseste is a link-based navigator. Each linked entity, a keyword, is defined by its own value but also by its connexions with other entities. Each keyword, in addition to what it represents, belongs to different relation groups, defined by several kind of links. Every kind of links has its own colour.


The differents kind of links are

- projects
- categories (
creation fiels )
- chronology et locations
- themes

By choosing a word, this one moves to the center and opens his links. Each word belongs to different groups, defined by those links.

HTML links

Palimpseste is opened in a window and allows opening other webpages, according to the links, in the main window.

Automatic Mode

This mode allows to navigate randomly into the website. The website becomes a diaporama, that doesn't require any interaction to visualise its pages. The 3D navigator can automatically activate links and load web pages.

As a website's information can be dense, Palimpseste proposes a classification in various levels of details, from the most important (level 1) to the most precise (level 3). The highest the level is, the more words are displayed.
The first level offers a quick view of the site, the last a deeper navigation.

This classification is a redactionnal choice from the navigation creator who determines each word's level.

graphic environnement

Environnement has no predefined form, it changes according to the different links. Each choice will modify the whole space, and also the colour, depending on the family the word belongs to. The user may choose between different environnements.

sound environnement
According to the same principles as the graphic environnement, the sound changes with connexions and categories. The sound is also spatialized.

ride mode
The user may switch the camera and dive into a dynamic vision. The system stays active and this is still possible to select words or activate HTML links.