Pixus and Widus are two virtual and autonomous characters who live in the world digital networks. The only problem is that Widus, developped for conquest, doesn't make any difference between real and virtual. He builds an army of virus and bugs to take over the world.

Hopefully, Pixus is watching in his satellite, ready to act on every machine. Each episode is a pretext for a parody of the world of networks and video games using concepts linked
to new technologies.

Lenght : 2mn
Resume : Widus takes over a famous adventure game during a pause...

Author : Yacine AIT KACI
Direction : Yacine AIT KACI and Naziha MESTAOUI

Technic : 2D animation, 3D animation
Production : iDEALiD 2003

Pixus Widus on Cartoon Network
(french speaking channel)
from may the 1th to June 30th

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