Electronic Shadow defines its practice on a permanent exchange between a utopian conceptual approach, to invent the possible among the new media potential, and the technological, industrial, and cultural constraints of reality, by doing the necessary so that the possible becomes reality.

[ V-Med 2.0 ] proposes a whole series of original concepts, which can be experimented to make it possible to the public to perceive their most interesting aspects. These concepts are as many new ways of considering the new media and their experimentation makes germs of the possible.

[ V-Med 2.0 ] operates a compression of space in its installation principle, while making virtually coexist two very real places, but also time compression by proposing an experimentation of the relationship between various temporalities in a new space-time, the 25th time zone.

This " virtual " Co- connection contributes to the development of a hybrid reality: hybrid between physical extensions, two installations, electronic extensions, this website is one of them, but also hybrid between geographically opposed places, Helsinki and Palermo. Hybrid reality opens a whole reflexion field, of utopian experiments and makes coexist the actual and the possible.

[ V-Med 2.0 ] thus invests new technologies like material of a utopian construction. Internet isn't only a tool, it is a new space-time, which is added like a layer on the history of humanity and of its perception. This process of stratification is connected with sedimentation of the memory in a continuous cycle.

What is invented today is the memory of tomorrow.

The communication scarf presented at the Moma in New York in February 2001.
Turning the senses into a portable communication interface.


The virtual co-existence of geographically distinct spaces

The memory stratification