The body as interface

[V-Med 2.0] proposes to the visitor/inter-actor to physically experiment the hybrid space through a motion-based interface and to use his own body to make his choices. An interactive surface is laid out on the ground, and a simple impulse on the logos representing the actions allows to interact with the video and the 3D interactive space.

The visitor does not have to manipulate any other interface than his own body. When he navigates into the 3D space, composed by the different strata selected in Palermo and in Helsinki, by going forward, backwards, or on the side, he can explore the created space.

This work on the interface disappearing put together with the projection size and the installation gives an instant immersion into the 25th time zone. It is not the simple representation or manipulation of a concept but its direct manipulation, without any other tool than our own body and imagination.

  The neutral position.

The "image choice" icon.
An impulse on this icon freezes the video's image and sends the chosen image into the "Memory space


The "City change" icon.
An impulse on this icon brings you to another city's video according to the time zone's order.

  'The "navigation" icon.
An impulse on this icon give access to the navigation mode by diving through the 3D space, the same icon is used to come back to the former mode.
  Navigation arrows.
They allow for the camera's manipulation when the navigation mode is on.