Memory sea

The images chosen with the interfaces by the users in both spaces among the 96 video sequences are superimposed to constitute, during the installation presentation's period, a vertical column in continuous movement in the marine representation of a memory space.

This representation creates a time driven space, that of a collective memory, across the snapshots taken form the different cities combined in one single space.
The public present in both spaces will be "virtually" united by their images choices that will superimpose to the same time column, sharing the waters of a common memory.

"Méditerranée virtuelle 1.0", at the origin of [V-Med 2.0] and presented in Palermo last February, was proposing a new vision of Mediterranean, a non geographical vision based on the metaphor of the Internet as a memory and information sea.

This metaphor isn't new, from the very beginning of the Internet as a new media, the potential was so huge and its applications so diverse that its exploration has become the "navigation", the software became "navigators", its use, the "surf". This terminology engages our own body and suggests a liquid space, the information flux.

[V-Med 2.0] keeps this metaphor and amplifies it. Palermo and Helsinki, two seaports, become the two borders of a common sea in a reconfigured geography, suggesting new cartographies.