Diving in the 25th Time Zone

[V-Med 2.0] is an interactive installation conceived and realised by Electronic Shadow (Naziha Mestaoui + Yacine Aït Kaci), the duo of hybrid creation between real and virtual.
This hybrid installation mixing video and real-time 3D will be presented in the same time in Palermo and Helsinki, from the 16th to the 20th October.

Both publics will be able to interact simultaneously on the same virtual environment to be one in a new space-time, that of the 25th time zone. The 25th time zone is the Internet's time zone, a new space-time of ubiquity and instantaneity, memory and creation. This concept as other ones can be experimented in the installation.

The installations realised in Palermo and Helsinki will be presented as the two physical extensions of a hybrid electronic space on the Internet. This space proposes to the visitor/ inter-actor, through a movement based interface, to dive from one space to the other, from one time to another to constitute a common space and create a memory sea between these two northern and southern seaports.

The installation spatialises 2 projections, the first one is a video, in which the 24 hours of the day are compressed in a few minutes, they go by continuously in 4 distinct cities: New York, Paris, Palermo and Helsinki. Every hour of the day is represented by a video and sound sequence of 6 seconds. The visitor can go from one city to another and can at any time freeze any city's image. This snapshot is materialised, in the real time 3D space of the second projection, as a strata in movement in the memory sea.

Each strata is overlaid to the preceding ones, trace left by each visitor' interaction in Palermo and Helsinki, establishing together this moving and changing structure on the vertical timeline.

The visitors will sea each other from the two borders of this new numerical sea thanks to a webcam system, completing the installation. A common space is also created on the bases of the images captured in the different places.

The mixing of these different media constitutes the bases of a new exchange territory.

V-med 2.0 announces a series of hybrid spaces based on the 25th time zone principle, imagined by Electronic Shadow such as the new French cultural centre in Palermo and Sicily, the first large scale realization whose architecture is conceived as a hybrid space between real and virtual and which will be opened in 2002.