The stratification

[V-Med 2.0] proposes a vertical representation of memory and of the memorisation process. This representation is associated to a memory stratification close to that of geology, history or geography.

This sedimentation, made of successive layers, turns memory into an overlayering of traces, taken to the present time, witnessing the past while orienting this present. This cyclic movement between the present and the past is repeated incessantly in history, as past and history are many ways to read the present. The living experience, the interaction with the present, determines another time, the future.

Internet is an additional layer than encloses the others, rather than substituting to the reality, it adds a new dimension, a hybrid one.

In [V-Med 2.0], the time cycle is represented by the video projection taken in 4 cities and the user can at any moment freeze this time and memorise the snapshot taken from the video into the memory sea composed by this moving strata column.

The stratification is then the trace of a collective memory, left by the visitors in Palermo and Helsinki. This column will pursue its ascension in the next cities that [V-Med] will visit, as a witness for the former public.

The images chosen by the users are added to the column formed by the formerly chosen images.