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One of the two projections presents an interactive video, in which the 24 hours of the day are compressed in a few minutes, go by continuously in four distinct cities: New York, Paris, Palermo and Helsinki. This video, which translates the continuous cycle of the time that passes, is an image container feeding the memory sea.

4 series of 96 video sequences of 6 seconds represent each an hour of the day in these four cities, 6 seconds for 60 minutes, 2 minutes 24 for 24 hours, that is to say a temporal compression of 1 per 600. The interface in top of the image shows the accelerated clock of the four cities, including the time shifts, and two " timelines" that see separately the cycle of the day and the time of each hour passing.

These sequences translate various visual and sound environments, taken during one day in each city this year. It's a recorded but contemporary time, without representing the real-time of the webcam.

The projection size at the visitor/interactor scale and the chosen focal for the shooting turn this video in a space that totally immerses the visitor in each city. He doesn't look at an image; he's in the image.

The visitor interacts with the video: while hitting the foot on the interactive surface, the visitor can pass from one city to another, accumulating the time shifts without smelling their effects and thus pass from New York to Helsinki, that is to say seven hours of time shift in one simple foot pulse. This accelerated cyclic time becomes the building material of a memory.

Extracts taken from the coming video.